International Photography Exposition
November 3 — November 22, 2008. Vinhedo, Brazil | Official online sponsor
Official entry and participation rules
Please note: only fotoTalk members can submit their entries online. You can sign up online or submit your works by mail, as outlined in section 3.2 below.
Deadline for online submissions is October 10. If entering by mail, your package has to be postmarked no later than October 3.
  1. The Cultural Association of Vinhedo and the Secretary of Culture and Tourism, through the City of Vinhedo, will sponsor this first International Photographic Exposition — Vinhedo/2008. will be the official online sponsor of the event, providing photographers around the world an online platform for entry submissions. Only fotoTalk members can submit their works online.
  2. Photographers from the entire world, including Brazil, will be able to participate in this exposition.
  3. The Exposition will unite photographic works that are representative of the diverse parts of the world. This Exposition will occur from October 31 to November 22, 2008.
    To take the works of 40 (forty) photographers that represent the diverse parts of the world and make an Exposition.
  1. Professional and amateur residing in any part of the world will be able to participate in this Exposition.
  2. 3.2To participate, each photographer will have to request a registration form.
    Print the form, and fill it out completely, include the photographs and send it to:
    I Mostra Internacional de Fotografia - Vinhedo/2008
    Espa├žo Cultural
    Rua Monteiro de Barros, 101 - Centro
  3. Each artist will submit 3 (three) works. The subject matter is open. The work can be in color or black and white. The dimensions of the works are to be 20cm x 30cm.
  4. Works produced before 2005 will not be accepted.
  5. If the work has been produced by a group, the group must select only one person who will represent the group.
  6. The envelope containing the registration form and the photographs must be postmarked no later than October 3, 2008, or they will not be accepted. Deadline for online submissions is October 10, 2008.
  7. Each Photograph submitted by mail must have a label attached to the back stating to following information: full name of the photographer, title of the photo, the place where the photo was taken and the name of the country.
  8. Registration forms that are incomplete, illegible or without the photographer's signature will be rejected.
  9. Photographs that contain images of people will require an authorization of use by the person or persons that appear in the photograph(s).
  10. The photographs received will automatically become part of the Image Collection of the Cultural Association of Vinhedo. Any artist not agreeing with this, may send along with the registration form and photos, a self addressed envelope with the correct postage. The photos will only be returned by this method.
  11. All information submitted online is securely stored on fotoTalk and associated with account of the person entering the exposition (author of the photos).
  1. The language used by the photographer will be respected. The photographs must be presented on photographic paper (without mounting in "passepartour") or on paper suitable for digitized images.
  2. The Photos can be retouched with the use of any method of interference on the image.
  1. The organizers of this exposition refuse any and all responsibility with regard to the rights of any person or persons that may appear in any photographs. Any and all claims of the rights of any person in any photograph will be the sole responsibility of the registered photographer.
  2. With regards to copyrights, the organizers of this exposition will not be responsible for the use of any photographs or images of any other authors that have not signed the registration form, incorporated for any method, also through the process of digitalization of images.
  3. The organizers are obligated to take care of the received photographs. The organizers will not be responsible for damage or loss due to the shipping of the materials.
  4. Only the works of the selected artists will become part of the official catalogue of the Exposition.
  5. The organization reserves the right to use the selected images in the local media without previous authorization of its authors.
  6. A certificate of participation will be granted to all those that were selected.
  1. The submission of the registration form by the participants of this Exposition constitutes full agreement of all the conditions stated herein.
  2. Any unforeseen questions or issues not covered in these regulations will be resolved by the organizers of this Exposition.
  3. Minds LLC are only responsible for providing a platform for online submission of exposition entries and play no role in selecting authors for exposition. Minds LLC cannot be held liable for copyright violations or any other issues related to submitted photographs and exposition participation. All submitors are asked to confirm that they are the authors of the works to be submitted, have proper model and/or property releases and hold copyright to the photos they are submitting.