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Every day is more joyful to live!
RUSIN, Every day is more joyful to live!
Aug 13, 2006
good stuff, I like the colour tones in particular
The Leaving Gentleman
Faust, The Leaving Gentleman
Aug 11, 2006
Sergei: simply cause we didn´t manage to find any longer:o) all the props and clothes are very original from the wardrobes in the old house, which has been abadoned since the 1950s
Mental Hygiene
Faust, Mental Hygiene
Aug 11, 2006
thank you. it´s all real, maybe just a bit surreal:o)
[ n ]
Aug 11, 2006
interesting stuff. maybe a BIT oversharpened in my opinion, but that could be just case of my monitor. very good lighting and I like the colours
Jun 19, 2006
good one, nice texture of the skin. thanks for inspiration