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, Vatican
Oct 06, 2008
there is something interesting about this photo. it's the angle. it just draws you in, even though there is nothing specific that the camera aims at. it's basically a vortex of columns that draws you in and makes you wonder what is at the end of the path delimited by those columns. the angle and the subject are a good match.
Sergei, Vespa
Aug 18, 2009
Looks interesting. I think it would be better if it would be easier to recognize the subject — by including more of it, or focusing on the bike in the middle.
Sergei, Grass
Jul 27, 2009
I'd try this cut . Large aperture creates an interesting background effect, separating subject very well. Maybe a bit more contrast and sharpness to bring out the detail in the subject.
Up close and personal
Sergei, Up close and personal
Jul 27, 2009
Square cut would work well here:
I really like the colors and bokeh effect. Good choice of aperture.
The Artist
Sergei, The Artist
Jan 27, 2009
Nice, clean work. Good light. Interestingly, I have a similar photo shot years ago. I'll post it later tonight if I don't forget
Here it is:
He's out there...
Sergei, He's out there...
Oct 09, 2008
Well composed. Nice environment.
I think too much of skin softening. I'd take a bit from the right:
Flick of the head
Sergei, Flick of the head
Sep 05, 2008
It's still too much space on the left and the large white spot (overexposed water) doesn't help. Maybe more of the body had to be included? When I look at this photo, I feel that something is not right. She came out great, but this composition is working against the model, in my opinion.
Flick of the head
Sergei, Flick of the head
Sep 05, 2008
I think it's just too much of space on the left and top and she's right on the edge. I'd add a bit more space on the right and less on top and left. I wonder if lower aperture, like f/4, would produce a more interesting photo, with the skyline being somewhat more defined.
Sergei, Onward
Sep 01, 2008
Nice, but you definitely need more space on the right.
Sergei, 312
Mar 29, 2008
I think including lamp fragments on the sides is distracting. I'd show the lamps or cut them out
Why not...
Sergei, Why not...
Feb 14, 2008
Great shot. Very well executed. Your best shot so far, I think.
You should explain the light, it'll be interesting.
The Road
Daniel Rubin, The Road
Sep 22, 2010
Ah, you've been to Hawaii? Which island? How did you like it?

I like the tones of the photo.
The moon and the girl
Daniel Rubin, The moon and the girl
Jun 25, 2010
Good one, man. I like it.
Daniel Rubin, Spring
Apr 07, 2010
Nice. So soft and light it seems.
Freedom on Earth
Daniel Rubin, Freedom on Earth
Dec 31, 2009
Pretty cool. An amazing place. You got lucky with the clouds there too. I wasn't so lucky.
Passing '09
Daniel Rubin, Passing '09
Dec 29, 2009
I like the composition and the pattern. However it seems to lack sharpness. I can't find the focus point and everything seems a bit fuzzy.

Where was this taken?
Daniel Rubin, Loneliness
Dec 22, 2009
Cool shot. I like it.
Bud on the beach
Daniel Rubin, Bud on the beach
Dec 05, 2009
Cool, I like it. I was expecting a stone on such a beautiful sand pattern, and trashed can came unexpected.
Shattered Dreams
Daniel Rubin, Shattered Dreams
Nov 18, 2009
Pretty cool.
Daniel Rubin, 9.11
Sep 11, 2009
This is not a twin tower, but probably one of the other buildings that collapsed?
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