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Inter spem et metum.
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Hutch, #840
Oct 27, 2015
Was that a motor show in NY?
I like those oldtimers.

Tugboat in ice
Fabio Keiner, Tugboat in ice
May 02, 2015
ice-age is coming with global warming - mother nature is contradictory in her gifts
ESB in the clouds
Fabio Keiner, ESB in the clouds
May 02, 2015
Tugboat in ice
AK111, Tugboat in ice
Mar 07, 2015
Sehr schöne, stimmige Aufnahme. Vor allem der etwas diffuse Hintergrund gefällt mir im Kontrast sehr gut.
Spring in Central Park
Fabio Keiner, Spring in Central Park
Sep 26, 2013
very finest
Hutch, PAN AM
Dec 10, 2012
Nice shot, must be a very old bag.
Where was that? La Guardia?

Pingster, PAN AM
Sep 11, 2012
In the store
Fabio Keiner, In the store
Mar 30, 2012
Simple joy
skat, Simple joy
Feb 01, 2012
Die Atmosphäre kommt gut rüber, tolle Szene.
Girl by 3
Jan 21, 2012
Very good work, greetings
Girl by 3
Fabio Keiner, Girl by 3
Jan 16, 2012
absolutely fantastic
Walking Tall
Pingster, Walking Tall
Jan 15, 2012
On the phone
Alexander Kashentsev, On the phone
Dec 19, 2011
NYC Marathon
skat, NYC Marathon
Nov 15, 2011
Interessante Aufnahme !
Attempt at tranquility - self-portrait
Pingster, Attempt at tranquility - self-portrait
Oct 12, 2011
The Barrels
skat, The Barrels
Sep 07, 2011
gutes Foto !
End of the journey
Pingster, End of the journey
Aug 23, 2011
Light and thunder
nana3, Light and thunder
Aug 23, 2011
End of the journey
Alexander Kashentsev, End of the journey
Aug 23, 2011
или это не он?
End of the journey
Alexander Kashentsev, End of the journey
Aug 23, 2011
Алкатрас прекрасен
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