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Romantische Abendstimmung
NRL-Fotoart, Romantische Abendstimmung
Oct 23, 2015
Cool sunset shot
Tugboat in ice
Daniil, Tugboat in ice
Mar 13, 2015
Danke sehr!
Auckland in B&W
Graham Alderton, Auckland in B&W
Aug 07, 2014
Love it! Wish there was a little more space for the blackness of the skies
1600 Light Years Away.
Graham Alderton, 1600 Light Years Away.
Mar 28, 2013
Sunset in San Francisco
lenny, Sunset in San Francisco
Jul 08, 2012
Nice crisp and clear
Aguas Blancas
Meshersmith, Aguas Blancas
Jun 16, 2012
brucemir, Cones
Jun 09, 2012
Simple joy
Daniil, Simple joy
Feb 06, 2012
On the phone
Daniil, On the phone
Dec 19, 2011
And the rest of them are here -
End of the journey
Daniil, End of the journey
Aug 30, 2011
Indeed that it is
Pingster, Duck
Aug 25, 2011
Fat tonies
Light and thunder
Daniil, Light and thunder
Aug 21, 2011
Boat ride in Alaska
lenny, Boat ride in Alaska
Aug 20, 2011
So serene:
Light and thunder
Daniil, Light and thunder
Aug 19, 2011
It wasn't hard. Propped the camera next to open window and triggered it remotely continuously until the lightning went away. Then checked to see if I got something or anything at all.
Theo 53, road
Aug 02, 2011
Very nice shot. I'd crop it a bit different - - but that's just me
Man in the hat
Daniil, Man in the hat
Jul 30, 2011
No filter here, Nana. Just some de-saturation and enhancement of reds.
Cuddly Bear
Daniil, Cuddly Bear
Jul 15, 2011
Hmm, doesn't sound like you do, but its a fun parade anyway.
Bow Bridge in Winter
Vivienne Gucwa, Bow Bridge in Winter
Jul 15, 2011
Cuddly Bear
Daniil, Cuddly Bear
Jul 15, 2011
Yep and I've seen most of them on that one day
A tree
Daniil, A tree
Jul 14, 2011
It was soooooo blistering hot and dry over there!
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